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We can expertly fit plates and wheels free of charge if you require and will order for non stocked styles & sizes - just contact us for details


The meneghini Company of Italy has extensive experience in making Roller Hockey boots, using all the latest materials and technologies. meneghini hockey boots allow for outstanding performances at all levels of play. Used by Champions the world over. meneghini boots are a must for any serious player.

meneghini Basic range quad boot

Basic boot £75.00 above left fitted with - extra Reno ProLite skate plates £76.00

meneghini Spider 92A wheels £61.00 - Precision 7mm bearings £20.00

Total skate package £232.00

Model Basic - £75.00 - An all new economical adult boot giving good toe protection and ankle support. 2 colours either flame red/black/white or polar white/black as shown above. Available sizes from 7 to 10.5 UK or 41 - 45 continental.

meneghini 'Wave' skate boot

Wave boot polar white £155.00 above right fitted with - extra Reno Supreme skate plates £87.00 - Roll Line Olympic 93A wheels £62.00 - precision 7mm bearings with Roll Line spacers £23.00 Total skate package £327.00

Model Wave - £155.00 - Italian made and remodelled. The 'Wave' boot is one of the most popular in the 'Slapshot' range. The new 'Wave' has additional toe and side protection. The raised heel makes for a better skating action and the boot is very comfortable to wear. Boot upper made from long lasting colour retaining microfibres with an all leather lightweight vented sole. Internal quick dry Cambrelle lining. This boot is ideal for both hockey players and rink skaters alike! Available in blue/white & polar white. limited stock.

meneghini Leggero quad skate boot
Model Leggero - £165.00 - The latest addition to the meneghini range and one of the most technical boots sold today. The all new styled Leggero boot is made from the finest leather & processed with 'New Breathing' characteristics.The Leggero has a rigid aerated leather sole to support the quad skate frame & additional toe protection. The slightly raised heel makes for a better skating action and the boot is both light & very comfortable to wear. Available to order in red, all black, polar white & new blue.

Pablo Alverez wears Reno Asbury boots


Better known as manufacturers of World-class hockey sticks. Reno, Spain has extended their range to Hockey boots. Slapshot is proud to offer the full collection for the first time in the U.K including the all new 'Asbury gloss' model. Pictured above Pablo Alverez of FCB Barcelona wearing Asbury model boots.

Made using the finest quality materials 'Reno' boots are worn by most Spanish & International players who choose them both for protection and their comfortable fit.

Reno New Flash quad skates


New Flash model Skates - An ideal starter skate for hockey - roller derby or recreational skating. the new blue/white boot has black urethane wheels, non marking white toe stops & ABEC 8mm bearings. Limited sizes left in stock. UK 13.5 to 1.0 (32 to 33) above left have a no lace velcro fastening system for ease of fitting £62.00      Sizes UK 9 to 10.5 (43 to 45) shown above right has an adult lace fastening system £65.00

Reno quad black hockey skates

Quad Hockey Skates - £166.00 - A good quality synthetic Reno boot with all new ProLite black zytel quad hockey skates, 'Arrow' wheels & precision bearings make this an excellent package offer. Black with white grid design. Sizes from 12 youth to adult 7.5 (30 - 41).

Reno quad blue white and red white hockey skates

Quad Hockey Skates - £175.00 - A good quality synthetic Reno boot with all new ProLite black zytel quad hockey skates, 'Arrow' wheels & precision bearings make this an excellent package offer. White grid design similar to the top of the range Asbury boot. Sizes from 12 youth to adult 7.5 (30 - 41). Limited edition colours blue/white, pink/white or new for 2013/2014 red/white. Sizes 3 - 7.5 (36 - 41) stocked. Smaller sizes to order

Reno Pro hockey quad skates


Reno Professional boots £104.00 above fitted with - extra Boiani Star RK skate plates £116.00

Reno Vertical 94A wheels £63.00 - Precision 7mm bearings £20.00

Total skate package £303.00

Professional Model - £104.00 Leather uppers on a man made sole; make the 'Professional' an ideal boot for the player that requires a quality product at a low price. You can't buy a better boot at this price! Bllue/white or black/red colour combinations as shown above. From size 3 to 12.

Reno creme boot polish
Reno boot polish - £3.00 Finding it hard to match your boot colour? Reno now produces a range of creme leather polishes in blue, navy blue, yellow, red and green. Get a jar and start polishing!
Milenium P3 quad skate boot

Millenium P3 boots red/white £165.00 above fitted with - extra Boiani Star RK skate plates £116.00

Reno Vertical 94A wheels £63.00 - 7mm Precision bearings £20.00

Total skate package £364.00

Millenium P3 - £165.00 - The latest addition to the top selling Reno Millenium boot range. Probably the most popular boot used in Europe! This boot has all leather uppers with a rigid aerated leather sole to support the quad skate plate. New large eyelets for easier lace control and tightening. Sweat resistant inner lining make the boots comfortable to wear. Latest triple colour styling in red/white/black, blue/white/black, red/black and all black.

Millenium boots are the choice of F.C. Barcelona players. Pictured above. Sizes stocked 4 to 12.


Millenium P3 - £165.00 Customise your boot, add any colour mix   - extra £20.00. Add name and or number - extra £20.00

Shown above. Call for available combinations. 6 week delivery.

Asbury quad boot in Aus derby bout


Australian Roller Derby action with the Jammer wearing Reno Asbury boot £180.00,

Roll Line Variant M skates £120.00, Reno Vertical 94A wheels £63.00

& 7mm precision bearings £20.00

Skate pack total £383.00

picture courtesy of Jen Tybell photography

Reno Asbury gloss boots

Asbury gold boot £180.00 above fitted with - extra Boiani Star RK skate plates £116.00

Reno Vertical 94A wheels £63.00 - 7mm Precision bearings £20.00

Total skate package £379.00

New Reno Asbury colour boot


Asbury Model - £180.00 The boot with a high gloss finish all leather uppers and a lightweight leather sole. Additional heel and toe protection in material 5 times stronger than leather. Internal quick dry lining and an aerated inner sole. The Asbury is the boot for professional players. Colours high gloss white/navy blue/red, pink, blue, red & new white/blue, all black or white/red. Sizes stocked 5 to 12. Out of stock colours/sizes can be ordered at no extra charge.

Reno Oddity quad boot

New Oddity boot £185.00 above fitted with - extra Boiani Star RK skate plates £116.00

Reno Vertical 94A wheels £63.00 - 7mm precision bearings £20.00

Total skate package £384.00


Oddity- £185.00 New top of the range Reno all leather boot. Benefits are no external sole, making this the lightest Reno boot yet! A double strength leather toe and heel cover for added protection. Quick dry internal boot lining. Stylish aerated leather contrast panels. Large eyelets for easier lace tightening.

Pictured above. Colours white/royal blue, red/black or all black. Sizes stocked 5 to 12.

Reno custom Oddity skate boots


'Skull' full custom boot £240.00 - left fitted with extra Roll line Mistral skates £249.00 - meneghini 'Steel' 94A wheels - 7mm sealed precision bearings £20.00 Total skate package £570.00

'Slapshot 77' full custom boot £240.00 - center fitted with extra Roll Line Energy skates P.O.A - meneghini Gold 93A wheels £66.00 - 7mm precision bearings £20.00

'Rockit' full Custom boot £240.00 - right fitted with extra Roll Line Variant M skates £120.00 - meneghini 'Spider 92A wheels £61.00 - 7mm precision bearings £20.00 Total skate package £441.00


Oddity Full Custom boot - £240.00 New top of the range Reno all leather boot. Benefits are no external sole, making this the lightest Reno boot yet! A double strength leather toe and heel cover for added protection. Quick dry internal boot lining. Large eyelets for easier lacecontrol and tightening. To design your boot we will need a good quality jpeg image of what you want. Before unique production we will send you a picture of how your new boot will look. Suggestions pictured above. Sizes 3 to 12.
Evo quad skate boot

Evo - £130.00 - The Colombo Evo boot has an all leather upper, lightweight rigid man made heal & sole. Quick dry Cambrelle linings. Stunning 3 way colour combination, brilliant white/ black & blue. Sizes UK4 to 11. A competively priced boot!

Copaline the new generation hockey boots.
The boots use the same technology that has been succesfully tried and tested in other types of sports footwear, incorporating high quality, light, sweat-resistant and non eroding material. This gives an exceptionally light boot that does not lose its shape.



      • Internal neosilicon protection.
      • Lorica microfibre exterior.
      • Carbon Kevlar anatomic shell.
      • Anotomic inner sole.
      • Cambrelle microfibre internal lining
      • Enhanced anti - abrasion toe


Copaline Air Flow
Copaline Airflow - £249.00 Custom made in your colour selection to order. Airflow has an air vented side and new feature neoprene lace covers. Special order 4 - 5 weeks delivery. Pictured above.

Copaline VIP Pro - £230.00 - The all new improved VIP model shown below has vented carbon fibre soles, new inner and toe protection. Available to order in snow white and carbon black, 4 - 5 weeks delivery. Pictured below.

Copaline Jump 2014 - £180.00 Custom made in either white or black. The new model Jump has colour keyed side detail in your choice of colour. An economical option from Copaline. Special order 4 - 5 weeks delivery. Pictured in black/silver below

Copaline Jump 2014 carbon hoackey boot


                    Roller One Special One boot  



Model Special one - Final Price cut from £95.00 to £75.00 Roller One boot in all leather with Cambrelle linings. Stocked colour black/white last pair size 40 (UK 6.5 - 7). Choose your skate frame and wheels below added to final cost. A good quality boot at a very low price. Pictured above


7mm axels: Please note all trucks/hangers have 7mm axels and fit 7mm bearings

All frames are suitable for hockey, roller derby, artistic & disco skating. Adjustable toe stops can be changed to artistic

TVD quad skate frame


TVD Hockey - £87.00A high quality skate made from fibre with an all metal truck. The TVD Hockeyplate is the most popular in Portugal. Available in all sizes and at a very competitive price.Used by most Portuguese professionals. Silver or black in stock.

Roller One Pro Black - £87.00 All black lightweight polyurethane plate with fiber trucks. The Roller One plate has strong adjustable steering pins & adjustable hockey toe stops. Also available with with smaller derby stoppers. Picture to follow.
Roller Hockey Skate Plates
Flat Race - £40.00 Final Price to clear By Roll Skater of Italy, the Flat race quad skate frame is a very strong, economical all aluminium lightweight plate with an adjustable toe stop. To fit UK size 12 youth only.
roll Line Variant plate


Roll Line Variant M - £120.00 Skate plates made from aluminium alloy and steel with aluminium trucks and natural rubber cushions. The latest model Roll Line hockey plate is both lightweight and very strong. All sizes to 18 available. Choice of hockey or artistic toe stops.

Roll Line Mistral quad skates


Roll Line Mistral - £259.00 Left and right skate frames made of aluminium alloy 2024. Aluminium trucks with steel axels. Professional toe stops and elastomer suspensions, now with the new click action adjustment. A hockey skate, for the professional player. Roll Line of Italy have worked with the World’s best coaches and players to produce a skate for use at the top end of competition. Choice of hockey or artistic toe stops.

Boiani Star plate


Boiani Star RK- £116.00 The all aluminium Boiani Star RK cast lightweight skate plate has been the choice of Champions for years. Superbly crafted for optimum strength in all skating conditions. Adjustable hockey or artistic toe stop. All sizes available.

Reno Pro Lite black skate frame


Reno Pro Lite black - £76.00 The latest lightweight skate frame from Reno. Made from a strong flexible urethane with steel axels & large steering king kins. The frames have adjustable toe stops and benefit from the light overall weight. A size 15 plate is 42 grams lighter than the comparable TVD skate. Our lowest priced quality frame!

Reno Supreme quad skate frame

Reno Supreme Fibre - £87.00 Exellent value from Reno! All black hockey quad skate frames with alloy trucks and professional screw in toe stoppers. All sizes stocked. Goal keeper conversion kit available, add £10.00.


Please note: All wheels are sold as sets of 8 for quad skates



Hockey/Blazer - Classic wheels. The worldwide leader for years in Roller Hockey and most other Roller Sports. Belair wheels are very durable and long lasting. Suitable for players at all levels. Colours available are white, blue, green, pink, orange & yellow. At £42.00 a set of 8 Belair wheels are extremely good value.

Belair hockey & Blazer whels


Roll Line WheelsT.M. Technology of Italy starting making Roller Hockey skate plates and wheels in 1998, after many years of making very high quality figure skates and wheels. The first shockproof prototypes were tested at the World 'A' Championships, held in June 1999 in Reus, Spain. 'Negro' Paez, of Argentina and FC Barcelona arguably the then best player in the world, used the 'Forester' wheel for the first time in the semi-finals and found them to be extremely fast and manoeuvrable. You don't need a better endorsement than that do you! ·

  • Roll Line wheels are Bigger 62-mm, for extra speed
  • Roll Line wheels are Lighter, for extra speed
  • Roll Line wheels are Narrower 30-mm, for extra speed, manoeuvrability and improved Hockey stopping

Formula - £67.00 An all new wheel with a chrome finish outer hub. The softer 88A high performance compound makes the wheel ideal for slippery & difficult rink surfaces. The Spanish national team won both European & World Championshipson Roll Line & Formula wheels. 62 mm diameter and 30 mm profile.

Forester Gold - £66.00 new 62mm diameter/90A gold style wheels are ultra-lightweight with a special slick polyether- polyurethane tyre that guarantees greater manoeuvrability and smooth skating. This wheel is suitable for any number of surfaces. Pictured below.

Ice 92A - £69.00 Grease green 92A is now Discontinued by Roll Line and we are sold out. Good news a brand new Roll line wheel is now available as a direct replacement. The 63mm diameter wheel has an Emerald green hub with a chamfered 25mm white tyre made from a blend of 3 polymers. The new Ice wheel is ideal for all indoor skating rinks. Developed to give you the speed, grip and manoeuvrability to match your performance. Picture to follow.

Olympic Blue - £62.00 Blue steel style wheel, faster than ever. An all new 93A compound guarantees high speed performance on most skating surfaces. 62 mm diameter by 30 mm profile.

Roll Line quad skate wheels

Rapido 92A Green & 94A White, new multi spoke wheel hub - £59.00 Pictured below Rapido wheels are super-lightweight with similar characteristics to the 'Forester'. Available in two different varieties of hardness to suit U.K rinks and sports halls. The 92A comes with a green hub and all new 2014 white tyre. Used by most group ‘A’ National teams. I would recommend this wheel to all players, as it is suitable for all surfaces. The Rapido 94A has a white hub and tyre - more suited to the player who prefers a harder, faster wheel with slightly more slide.

Roll Line Rapido skate wheels


Helium - £49.00 Outdoors and Indoors the new formula Roll Line Helium wheel is ideal for all quad skaters at the London Friday night skate & the Sunday Roller stroll. The Helium wheel is the result of chemical research on NEW compounds which guarantee high performance both outdoor and indoor. New colour all yellow with a clear tyre.

Helium quad skate wheel


Vertical - £63.00 The all new technology Vertical model wheel has 9 spokes for extra rigidity and strength, coupled with a new urethane tyre that gives excellent grip characteristics and faster skating speeds.Available in new 88A red, 92A black and 94A blue. 'Negro Paez' used the black 92A wheels along with most of the FC Barcelona players. These wheels are very fast!

Reno Vertical wheels

Roller One/Belair Quick quad skate wheels


Roller One Quick - £63.00

New seasons wheels & a great combination! The angled hub produced by Roller One with tyres fitted by Belair of America, combines to make a top quality long lasting rink wheel. Suitable for all surfaces. Quick 90A in black/purple, 92A in white or green & Quick 94A in orange/green.

Meneghini new quad skate wheels


meneghini wheels Smooth 90A - Spider 92A - Gold 93A - Steel 94A - £61.00

meneghini of Italy launch their new model wheels. The orange multiple spoked hub & bonded tyre gives added strength & non flex ridgidity. Starting with the Smooth 90A ideal for all slippery surfaces, where optimium grip is important! The Spider 92A hardness is suitable for all standard indoor skating surfaces. Gold 93A, a faster wheel allowing for a little slide & suited to superior floors/rinks. Steel 94A completes the set, a super fast wheel!

meneghini keepers wheels


meneghini goal keeper now bigger 51 mm wheels - £42.00

Top quality 51mm medium sized goal keeper wheels to compliment the meneghini new range. The all new 51mm wheel will fit most skate frames without modification. Colours orange or white.

Makes an ideal medium sized recreational skate wheel.

Please note: All wheels are sold as sets of 8 for quad skates
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